BEAR – welding manipulators

We manufacture professional welding positioners designed mainly for positioning bulky and heavy parts to increase safety, productivity and quality of work!

BEAR offers support in all activities related to the implementation of the delivery of a comprehensive modern and ergonomic welding workstation:

SPR, BE and PX series products are created for classic workpiece positioning, while RO and RT series positioners are designed to work with robots from leading brands.

Welding manipulators

A high-performance hydraulic system is used to lift and tilt workpieces, whose safety is guaranteed by multi-stage protection.

Particularly useful for positioning workpieces in:

  • welding
  • celaning
  • assembly

The welding positioners we manufacture are suitable for lifting components weighing from 250 kg to as much as 4 tons.

Based on individual customer requirements, we can design and manufacture a welding manipulator with an even higher lifting capacity.

Pozycjoner spawalniczy BEAR seria PX do podnoszenia i obracania przedmiotów o wadze do 6 ton.
Seria SPR pozycjonerów BEAR z funkcją stałego obrotu stołu spawalniczego.

Increase productivity up to 40%

Each welding manipulator can be custom-made to meet individual customer requirements. The multitude of BEAR positioner models allows us to match the ideal solution to the specifics of our work.

  • Products in the SPR, BE and PX lines are used for classic workpiece positioning.
  • The RO and RT line of positioners have been developed to work with robots of leading brands

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Why should you invest in welding positioners in your company?

Welding positioners are indispensable machines in many production facilities. It is a groundbreaking device that allows you to get the most suitable position for the welded part. It provides the opportunity to increase the convenience of the welder, while ensuring complete safety. By facilitating access to the work surfaces, it allows to avoid defects in the weld, positively influencing the quality of the workmanship of the welded joint itself.  Another undeniable benefit of having a device such as a welding manipulator is the reduction of processing time. It allows the welder to work at a faster pace, which contributes directly to generating savings.

The welding positioner gives you the ability to easily rotate parts weighing up to 10 tons in three planes. In this way, the device provides optimal access to the welding joints. This easily contributes to the highest quality welds and a marked increase in welding speed. Each welding positioner consists of separate plates, which are set on a stable and massive arm. These plates are the working surfaces and it is to them that the welded workpieces are attached. Each plate in a welding manipulator has a rotary motion function, and in the case of more advanced devices, also an adjustable tilt.

What to pay attention to when choosing a welding positioner?

A properly selected welding manipulator guarantees effective and efficient work. For this reason, in order to avoid mistakes, it is worth knowing what issues should be taken into account in order to make the best choice. First of all, you should put the needs of your own company first, choosing the optimal solution for the type of work to be performed. The device should be characterized by a robust design, as well as made of the highest quality materials. Because only then, the positioner provides the possibility of fully safe use.

What are the types and uses of welding manipulators?

Welding positioners were created to meet the diverse needs of their users, so they come in several versions. We distinguish:

  • rotary tables – these are devices used for positioning workpieces in the range of a few kilograms up to several tens of tons. These are devices that will find their use in the case of welding, assembling, locksmithing and also powder coating work. The work table here allows you to rotate the workpiece in the direction of your choice.
  • welding positioners – their application is similar to that of rotary tables. They allow you to attach the workpiece to the work table and position it. The main difference is an additional work axis. In addition to rotary movement to the left and right, the welding positioner allows you to tilt the workpiece, which gives you the possibility of better customization.
  • Roller turntables – are used for rotating cylindrical objects like pipes or tanks. They are used during welding, repair or painting.
  • Column turntables – are designed for positioning various elements in the welding process. The movement of this device can take place in one or two axes.

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